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Northern California Guided Fishing Rates

Sacramento River Guided Fishing Rates
Shasta Lake Guided Fishing Rates

Spin or Cast Fishing Rates
Full Day
$184.99   per angler. 2 angler minimum
(minumum price $370)
Half Day
$159.99   per angler. 2 angler minimum
(minumum price $320)
Sturgeon Fishing Only
Full Day
$224.99   per angler. 2 angler minimum
(minumum price $450)
Fly Fishing Rates
8 Hours
$350   1 or 2 anglers
$175  additional anglers
(minumum price $350)
$300   1 or 2 anglers
$150  additional anglers
(minumum price $300)
Maximum of 3 anglers

Guided Tour Rates
4 Hours
  per passenger. 2 passenger minimum
  for each additional passenger
Maximum of 6 passengers

Special Fishing Trip Discounts
Children 12 and under 10%
Seniors 65 and over 10%

Make a Reservation: Make a Reservation
A 50% deposit for all trips is required to lock in your requested date. A valid California Fishing License and appropriate tags are required.

The River Pirate Guide Service reserves the right to cancel any fishing trip due to inclement weather, or any unsafe water conditions. There will never be a charge to re-schedule a fishing trip under these conditions, and Ken will always do his best to get you out on the water. In the event that you cannot be here for a scheduled fishing trip, please let us know. A 14 day cancellation notice is required for the return of any deposit. Any cancellation received less than 7 days before a scheduled fishing trip, will be charged the full amount of the charter.

Gift Certificates available for those Special Occasions.


We will work hard and give you our all out effort. We will do our best to see that you have a great day fishing. If you appreciate all we have done for you, a gratuity will be appreciated.

Free Fishing Forecast: Get our Free Fishing Forecast
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