Experienced sportsmen and professional fishermen agree – Ken Hoffman is the finest professional fishing guide in the entire North State! Book a trip with the River Pirate on one of the beautiful, scenic rivers or lakes here and you will learn about fishing while you are catching fish. Ken studies the waterways, identifies the places where fish “hold up” and Ken puts clients on fish every time.

But, you do not need to be a pro in order to enjoy learning about fish and catching fish with Ken. The measure of his on-going success can be determined by looking at the frequency of re-booking by fathers and sons, youngsters just learning to fish, and groups of old friends who have fished together for many seasons.

Just ask any sportsman in Northern California – you will be told that a day on the water with this courteous and friendly Master Guide is a real fish-catchin’ seminar – always fun, filled with laughs and fish in the box at the end of the trip.

What more could any serious fishermen want? Good looks? Now, you gotta be kidding! 

– Meinert Toberer

River Pirate Fishing Records

SpeciesWeight 1State Record 1Single Day 2Image
King Salmon (Chinook)
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Landlocked King Salmon
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
12.5 60
Anadromous Rainbow
Trout (Steelhead)
Oncorhynchus mykiss
White Sturgeon
Acipenser transmontanus
Striped Bass
Morone saxatilis
Largemouth Bass
Micropterus salmoides
Smallmouth Bass
Micropterus dolomieu
Spotted Bass
Micropterus punctulatus
American Shad
Alosa sapidissima
White Crappie
Pomoxis annularis
Black Crappie
Pomoxis nigromaculatus
1 All weights are in pounds.
2 The most fish caught in a single trip.